Jackson County High Point Trip Report

on Olyphant quadrangle

Date: July 12, 2001
Author: Hans Haustein

To reach Jackson County's Highpoint, take Arkansas State Highway 367 to Possum Grape. Once reaching Possum Grape go west on Jackson County Rd 2 (right across 367 from the Possum Grape One Stop). Follow County Rd 2 for 3.6 miles until the pavement ends at the junction of County Rd 1, continue going west on County Rd 2, which is now gravel. Follow County Rd 2 for 2.4 miles (it has turned north) to the intersection with County Rd 313. Turn East on County Rd 313 and continue for 0.5 miles until you reach a 90 degree turn to the north of the road (you will pass an open gate and house on the north side of the road). Park at this 90 degree turn.

The highpoint is 0.22 miles to the southeast of this point. There is a barbed wire fence to cross, but no postings. Follow the cow trails through the scattered woods for about 700' until reaching the edge of a pasture. The highpoint is in a cleared area of the pasture and is obvious from the edge of the woods. The highpoint is located about 500' south of the woods area and about 500' north of a medium sized pond (which is not shown on the quad sheet) On the return trip to Possum Grape there are some great views looking east across the vast Mississippi Embayment Region.