County High Points


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The 3,000+ US county high points range from the 20,300' summit of Mount McKinley, the highest point in Denali County** Alaska, to the 20' high swamp that surmounts Pasquotank County North Carolina. Between these extremes lie many peaks, hills, and knolls that are of interest to a growing group of county high point devotees.

Conquering counties is perhaps the ideal form of '90s recreation. It exercises both body (climbing hills) and mind (finding them), while minimizing caloric intake and exposure to nasty diseases. Unfortunately, there are hazards to be aware of, as some of the counties put up quite a struggle. The weather can be unsettled on Mount Fairweather (AK), Grand Teton (Teton co. WY) has some off trail sections, and Fort Bragg (Cumberland co. NC) has a strict dress code.

The information that follows will complete your county curriculum. If you know of any facts/stats/accomplishments/addresses/etc that are of interest, feel free to pester Andy Martin.

** Alaska is one of the few states that do not have counties, "Denali Borough" is correct.




Sources of Information

High point locators, with some of the states they worked on