Bob Martin - An Autobiography


Bob Martin passed away on December 22, 2008. His autobiography remains intact,
as provided below, to honor his love affair with the mountains.

Bob's obituary is provided here as an downloadable Microsoft Word document.

General Considerations


Additional Comments

        No significant climbing until retirement in 1976,
        to both Arizona (winter home) and Colorado (summer home).

Outdoors / Highpointing / Mountaineering


  • Excel spreadsheet with Bob Martin's hiking accomplishments

    Highlights include -

  • All 11,000+ foot mountains in Colorado
    using a 300 foot criterion.

    The highest 2,000 mountains in Colorado
    (includes the 11,000+ foot list).

  • 2,000+ mountains in Arizona - 300 foot criterion.

  • 1,200+ county highpoints in the United States.
    See completion map.

  • 5,000+ mountains worldwide, the majority in
    Arizona and Colorado - 300 foot criterion.

  • Highest elevation - Mount Whitney (14,495 feet).

my county highpoints completion map
Click on completion map
for the full-sized version.