County Highpoint and Mountain Palindromes


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Message: 1
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 19:51:29 -0700
From: Jerry and Betty Brekhus
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Subject: Palindromes; For Amusement Only...

Digging deep in the archives:

From February 20, 2002:
(Aaron Maizlish, responding to Adam, who started the thread)

>Wow thats a good one. I was actually pretty excited about it being 02-20-2002 today,
>but couldn't get anyone else that enthused. Hadn't thought about the
>triple palindrome angle.
>Actually, turns out that there will be another triple palindrome (using your
>measure) in a scant 110 years. That is at 9:12 PM December 21, 2112.
>I have it already marked in my calendar.

Not wanting to wait till 2112, I have a few tidbits for now.

Many peaks have an elevation that is a palindrome. The highest I have
climbed is Silver Peak in the Chiricahua Moutains, Arizona (8008 feet).
The highest I know of in the USA is Mount Adams, 13931 feet in Saguache County, Colorado.
A quick check of county highpoints reveals Mount Peale, 12721 feet,
the highpoint of San Juan County, Utah.

The choice of units matters. As far as I know, the highest metric palidrome in the USA
is Clinton Peak, 4224 meters -- converted from feet to nearest whole number -- in Colorado.
The best one on a map published in meters that I found is East Dix in the Adirondacks,
shown at 1221 meters. (I think it is 1221. It is difficult to be certain without looking at the
actual map. If it is actually 1227, then try again.) The database does not specify if the source map
is meters or feet, so this involved some trial and error to discover metric maps.
There could be a higher one on a western map somewhere.

Some elevations come out in palindromes in both feet and meters.
Three of them are at 3113 feet - which converts to 949 meters:

Little Butt Rockbridge Virginia
Kelso Dunes San Bernardino California
Mauna Alani Maui Hawaii

Kelso Dunes are on a metric map.

Now for a few text palindromes.

Here is one that might describe a situation involving highpointer
Tim Worth on a hike where a permit must be displayed on your person:

"Tim must a nametag set on, notes gateman at summit."

The county highpointer's goal:

"Top spot"

The wish of a county highpointer with one county left in Idaho:

"O' had I Ada, Idaho."

A question from Bob Packard in Arizona:

"Am I prof for Pima?"

An advertisement that I could run for assistance on an Alaskan hike:

"Pace Montana man at Nome cap."

Here is what you need to do, if you discover that you didn't get to
both tops in Montana's southeastern corner county:

"Retrace Carter."

This one describes carrying superfluous climbing equipment to
a big state. (Surname omitted.):

"Bob has axe to Texas. Ah, Bob!"

Here is another example with a state theme.
(I do not know if we have a highpointer named "Pam".):

"Pam's hat uses Utah's map."

If you have visited the Lake County, Colorado highpoint thrice,
then you have an "Elbert treble".

Finally, the fair warning of a Florida county: "Miami. I maim."

From Red Lodge, Montana, where a sign at the edge of town proclaims

"Elevation: 5555",
                                -- Jerry

Message: 2
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006 19:46:01 -0000
From: "Dale Millsap"
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Subject: Re: Palindromes; For Amusement Only...

I could not help but remember the Rainbow Gathering in the Uintah
mountains a few years ago. The headline might have read:

"Top of Utah sees hat, UFO, pot."

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