Tropical/Temperate/Polar Highpoints

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The tropical, temperate, and polar regions form non-arbitrary divisions of Earth's surface because the tilt of Earth's axis relative to the plane of its orbit about the Sun is for most purposes a constant 23° 27'. This non-arbitrariness is preferable.

Lists based on latitudinal zones are instructive because very low temperature is one of a mountain's objective hazards.

The highpoint list for all six regions follows, having specified the hemisphere in addition to latitudinal zone.

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Zone Highpoint Location Latitude Longitude Elevation (feet/meters)
N tropicalNevado CayambeEcuador 00° 02' N77° 59' W18,996 / 5,790
S tropicalNevado HuascaranPeru 09° 07' S77° 36' W22,132 / 6,746
N temperateMount EverestNepal/Tibet 27° 59' N86° 55' E29,028 / 8,848
S temperateAconcaguaArgentina 32° 39' S70° 01' W22,841 / 6,962
N polarGunnbjornsfjeldGreenland 68° 55' N29° 54' W12,119 / 3,694
S polarVinson MassifAntarctica 78° 32' S85° 37' W16,050 / 4,892

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