Cape Alava Trip Report

Cape Alava, Washington - westernmost point in the Lower 48 states

Date: August 20, 2009
Author: Dave Covill

Raft Voyage to the Offshore Islands

Participants include Don Nelsen and the author.

A principle reference is Don Nelsen's Cape Alava photo album.

Note particularly the photos from shore near the end with Don's high-price zoom digital camera of the Bodalteh Islands. Note also the shots from the crummy waterproof camera of the Bodalteh Islands taken from the side angle view on Ozette Island. Obviously, there are about 4 major islands, and 1 minor rocky hump that seems to stick up about 20 feet. The 4 big ones all stick up over about 100 feet.

Note also the waves out there, versus the quiet water closer toshore. While we "could" kayak to it, we would need a very calm day, with an on-shore wind. The low tide seems to make a big difference in the inner area, but it may or may not provide help out by the last Bodalteh Islands. I can see a big difference in the waves in our photos, and on the Google Earth map view of the area.

I was able to go to Google Earth Maps, and view the area. Pretty decent resolution, although not exceptional. You can see several small rocky islets off of the last wooded one. I believe the furthest one is not even visible on Don's best blow up zoom photo. The tall rock with steep cliffs is visible through a gap, and appears to be the western-most high island. There are about 3 lower, roughly 20 foot tall ones, around it.

The project may be best accomplished via a small boat charter from Neah Bay by Cape Flattery 15 miles to the North.