Carroll County High Point Trip Report

Blackjack Mountain (1,545 ft)

Date: April 8, 2000
Author: Fred Lobdell

Blackjack Mountain lies near the southwestern corner of Carroll County.

From the intersection of GA 100 with the paved cross road just north of the large school in the community of Ephesus, go north on 100 about 2.3 miles to the first paved right turn north of the Carroll county line. Turn right and go about 1 mile to where there is a driveway on the left and what appears to be a driveway on the right. There is also a house on the right, but the dirt road continues past the house a short distance to where there is a chain across it. However, the chain was not locked.

After another few hundred feet, the road deteriorates to the point that it would seem unwise to risk a vehicle, but it can easily be followed to the summit on foot.

The summit is a long north-south trending ridge on which it was not possible to determine the true high point. We didn't find a bench mark, either, even with the help of the friendly golden lab who did the high point with us.

If you were to park on the paved approach road about a half mile from route 100, it would probably be possible to bushwhack directly to the summit. However, this might entail crossing a couple of barbed wire fences around pastures.