Foreign Word Glossary

afikoman - (Greek) The larger piece of matzo which is broken in two early in the
                    Passover Seder and set aside to be eaten as a dessert after the meal.
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bluma - (Yiddish) flower

Brit milah ("Bris") - (Hebrew) Ritual Jewish male circumcision at 8 days age.
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buba - (Yiddish) "The Grandmother", family matriarch.

Chabad - (Hebrew) A Hasidic movement in Orthodox Judaism.
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davnen - (Yiddish) to pray

drosh - (Yiddish) a speech or sermon

hasid - (Hebrew) Member of the Hasidic religious sect which promotes spirituality
                through the popularization and internalization of Jewish mysticism as a
                fundamental aspect of the faith.    
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kiddush - (Aramaic) In the current context, refreshments served at the synagogue after prayer services.
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latkes - (Yiddish) fried potato pancackes typically eaten on Hanukkah
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mensch - (Yiddish) an honorable, decent person

misnagdim - (Hebrew) Opponents of Hasidism. Most prominent among the Misnagdim
                      was Rabbi Elijah (Eliyahu) ben Shlomo Zalman (17201797),
                      commonly known as the Vilna Gaon.    
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shabes - (Yiddish) Sabbath, Saturday

shul - (Yiddish) synagogue

Talmud - (Hebrew) A central text of Rabbinic Judaism, considered second only to the Torah.
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yeshive - (Yiddish) a Jewish school of high Talmudic learning

Yom Kippur - (Hebrew) Jewish Day of Atonement in the Fall season
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zayda - (Yiddish) "The Grandfather", family patriarch.