Norman Photographs


Photographs of Norman as found on the various vacation-based photograph pages.

Norman and gorilla

(Left) Norman standing next to a metallic gorilla.

Norman next to Pluto the dog (right).

Norman with Pluto


(Left) Norman stands next to a Joshua tree.

Blossom and Norman at the Hawaiian theme party (right).

Blossom and Norman

Aaron with Norman

(Left) Aaron looks puzzled or scared dressed in winter clothing
while Norman prompts him for the picture.

Norman, Aaron and Moshe on the backporch swings in Pebble Beach (right).

Norman, Aaron and Moshe

Norman sitting

(Left) Norman seated in a white park bench.

Norman at the water's edge in Monterey Bay (right).

Norman at ocean

Norman inside store

(Left) Norman inside a curio shop.

Norman reading a magazine in the living room at Pebble Beach (right).

Norman reading

Norman and babies

(Left) Norman with Aaron and Moshe on the green at Pebble Beach.

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