Moshe Photographs


Photographs of Moshe as found on the various vacation-based photograph pages. View early photos of Aaron with family

Juliana and Moshe light candles

(Left) Juliana and Moshe light Hannukkah candles while Norman officiates.

Moshe sits atop the high wooden beam of a play gym (right).

Moshe and gym set

Moshe the magician

(Left) Moshe dresses up in a magician's outfit.

Moshe stepping on rocks at Pebble Beach (right).

Moshe stepping

Blossom and Moshe

(Left) Blossom and Moshe near the ocean at Pebble Beach.

Dale and Moshe take a golf swing together (right).

Dale and Moshe


(Left) Moshe crawling with a wide open mouth .

Moshe and a cartoon character - possibly "waterman" (right).


Moshe bounce

(Left) Moshe on the trampoline on the back porch at Pebble Beach.

Moshe poses outdoors (right).


Moshe and bronze

(Left) Moshe and the bronze statue of "everybody's friend" at Pebble Beach.

Blossom and Moshe on a pathway near the ocean at Pebble Beach (right).

Blossom and Moshe

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