Hanukkah 2012 Photographs


Except where obvious, the majority of these pictures are taken from the first night of Hanukkah at the ranch home on Friday December 7, 2012.

The next afternoon Blossom treated everyone to lunch and then Skyfall - the latest James Bond spy thriller in downtown Salinas.

note 1: All photographs are from Adam Helman.
note 2: Mouse-click on any photograph for a larger version.


(left) Dale at his Salinas office.

Moshe at his bedroom computer (right).


latkes preparation

(left) Jeff Seigel prepares latkes for everyone.

Dana, Dale and Jeff (right).

Dale, Dana, Jeff

Blossom, Dale, Dana

(left) Blossom, Dale and Dana.

Candles frame the background (right).


fruit bowl

(left) This decoration is edible.

Frying latkes (right).

frying latkes

Blossom and Pauline

(left) Blossom and Pauline

Dale and Hanukkah decorations (right).



(left) Jeff at the dining table.

Hind legs are flush to the ground (right).


candle lighting

(left) Dana lighting Hanukkah candles.

close-in view of the same (right).

candle lighting


(left) Aaron lights a candle...

... as does Daniel (right).


Dale with package

(left) Dale opens the package ...

... and finds a penguin (right).

Dale with penguin

Dale with picture

(left) fifty years before ...

... fifty years later. (right).

Adam with picture

Hanukkah bear

(left) Toy bear with his own toy.

Downtown Salinas mural featuring
author John Steinbeck. (right).

downtown mural

pomelo outside

(left) A pomelo fruit from southeast Asia.

Its interior is revealed -
with a very thick pulp. (right).

pomelo inside

candle lighting
Dana lights a Hanukkah candle as others look on.

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