Thanksgiving / Hanukkah 2010 Photographs


Thanksgiving and Hanukkah are celebrated on back-to-back days for convenience at a timeshared apartment near the beach in Oceanside, California. A trip highlight is visiting the San Diego Aerospace Museum in Balboa Park.

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four generations

(left) four generations - Dana, Pauline, Rachel and Alyena

Blossom and Moshe (right)

Blossom and Moshe


(left) Pauline

Aaron (right)


Mike, Rachel and Alyena

(left) Mike, Rachel and Alyena

John and Rebekah (right)

John and Rebekah


(left) Moshe at the piano.

Aaron and Daniel (right)

Aaron and Daniel


(left) Dana with kosher turkey

Gee Bee racer of the 1930s (right)

Gee Bee


(left) Blossom and Amelia Earhart with her Lockheed Vega.

Dana, Daniel and Amelia Earhart with the same craft. (right)

Dana and Daniel


(left) Daniel sits in a toy Gee Bee model.

Daniel alongside a Blue Angels F-18 Hornet. (right)


Adam, Aaron, Daniel

(left) Aaron, Daniel and Adam with Charles Lindbergh
and his "Spirit of Saint Louis".

The 18-cylinder 2,000+ horsepower
"Double Wasp" engine powered several
WWII American fighters. Adam at right. (right)

Adam and Double Wasp


(left) Adam with some stuff

Juliana and Pauline (right)

Juliana and Pauline

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