Disneyland Trip Photographs


Photographs from a family trip to the original Disneyland park in Anaheim just south of Los Angeles.

Blossom with Mickey Mouse

(Left) Blossom next to the real Mickey Mouse.

Norman next to Pluto the dog (right).

Norman with Pluto

Blossom and statue

(Left) Blossom in front of a statue of Walt Disney.

Norman in front of an immense blue-colored whale (right).

Norman and whale

fantasic building

(Left) A building straight out of Fantasyland.

Norman and a very crooked street facade (right).

Norman and crooked facade


(Left) Carved shrubbery (topiary) shaped as animals.

Blossom and Norman with Aaron and Moshe on a walking path
at Pebble Beach (right).

grandparents and grandchildren

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