Family Message from December 2000

By Dana ...

The millennium year sure passed quickly at our home, how about yours? We have all been growing together with a family of members at all stages of life, from the youngest to the eldest. I'll attempt to share with you a few of the highlights...

Aaron and playmate Aaron completed his first year learning to walk and stay out of big brother Moshe's way... He is our sweet tempered blondy who always has smiles and kisses for everyone. His passions so far seem to be his dog, Simba, ... one of his first words was dog, playing with balls, and his trucks, cars, or anything with wheels. He can be found loading a cart with all sizes of vehicles and pushing it around the house. He has recently discovered tricycles and rides them by pushing along with his feet.

Moshe experimenting Moshe passed through the terrible two and moved on to the terrific threes this last September. He continues to be totally engrossed with anything that has a motor or a battery. He follows gardeners and construction workers keeping a wary eye open for any type of construction vehicles or tools. He also has a keen interest in systems: water pipes, mains, fire hydrants, furnaces, gas mains, thermostats as well as electricity...his all time favorite. He still remembers the lightning storm we had and is now convinced it was produced by electricity in the sky, not the gardener's blowers and trimmers. He certainly has an aptitude for elementary science. I just get a little lost trying to explain all the parts of a car motor. Our recent trip to Tahoe turned him into a "hotdog skier" bouncing down the slopes between my legs.

Juliana Juliana is her joyful, jubilant self with the periodic mood swings of a twelve year old. After home schooling last year, she had an eventful summer at Camp Swig and Asilomar Beach Junior Life Guards. She began middle school in the 6th grade this year and thoroughly enjoys the social atmosphere as well as some of her more enthusiastic teachers in science, art, and PE. She continues to dance ballet, modern, and tap, exercise in gymnastics, and participate in Girl Scouts. This year she is working hard on polishing up her Hebrew and Bible study in order to become a Bat Mitzvah, daughter of the commandments.

Rebekah Rebekah is fifteen and a teenage sweetheart, progressing through high school making friends and unfortunately, breaking boyfriend's hearts. She teases with her gorgeous figure and deep green eyes. She and Ashley, her best friend, doubled as Brittany Spears and Christina Aguilera for Halloween. Becka enjoyed competing on the swim team last year and continues to work out and kick box. She recently began a modeling course and hopes to capitalize on her favorite hobby ... clothes and fashion ... some day to be a well dressed lawyer?

Rachel Rachel is getting taller and more beautiful everyday. She has many talents and is filling the role of eldest child at home. She continues to train in modeling to go to New York in the Spring, yet is most interested in singing, drawing and other artistic endeavors. She has been taking singing lessons developing her soprano voice. Art classes at high school have awakended the budding artist in her, and shed has been creating pencil drawings, airbrush tee shirts, and etched glass mirrors ... Major in Business, minor in Art?

Elisabeth Elisabeth began last year attending Monterey Pacific College and moved out for a few months with a local girlfriend. This year she moved down to southern California with her father where she is studying at Rio Hondo Jr. College and working at a teacher's supply store. She enjoys it as she has quiet time to study and a job relating to the teaching profession. However, she misses her brothers and sisters immensely, as she hasn't had time to venture back north to visit. We miss her too!!!

Dale Dr. Dale continues to work long hours throughout the central coast of California... helping to heal the sick until he himself is totally exhausted. His unfailing dedication amazes us all as we beg him to relax and enjoy a vacation with the family. When we asked him to go skiing in Tahoe last winter, he gave us a choice, changed the plans and treated us all to an extended weekend in NEW YORK. What a great dad and a real trooper...! Going from the working professional and bachelor's life to a family of six children... plus a golden retriever (Simba), a rabbit (Thumper), a hamster (Nugget), and Leo the Leopard Gecko hasn't always been easy.

Dana Well, what about me? Some family guests recently said they give medals to mothers of big families in Russia... and that I deserved one. I suppose I know why now. From the youngest to the eldest, everyone wants my undivided attention. As if I didn't have enough to do with my family, my school district called me back out of "temporary retirement" to work with the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program. I wanted to learn more about gifted students and work with some wonderful people, so I accepted the part time resource teaching position which involves ten schools: testing students, mentoring teachers, inspring student projects, and teaching intersession classes. Together with university students, I have also been transplanting native plants from a school in construction to begin native plant gardens in three other schools... just to mention a few of my "extra-curricular" activities.

Our friends and family enjoyed celebrating birthdays and holidays with many parties throughout the year. Our most extraordinary vacation was President's weekend in the Big Apple, New York as you can see .. We also went on several smaller trips to San Francisco visiting almost every sight there is to see from Fisherman's Wharf, The Ships, Cable Cars, and China Town to the Zoo, Golden Gate Park, The Academy of Sciences and The Exploratorium. Towards the end of the summer we discovered Richardson's Historic Camp on Lake Tahoe which we revisited in the fall for some bike riding and horseback riding, and again recently after the snowfall for some early skiing. We will be returning to Tahoe the first week in the new year with our family, and hopefully all of the cousin's families too!

May god Bless You and Yours With
Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

        Love,         Dale, Dana, Elisabeth, Rachel, Rebekah, Juliana, Moshe and Aaron

Dinner at the World Trade Center

(Left) Dinner at Windows on the World in February 2001 prior to its destruction on September 11 of the same year.

Dana and children under the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor (right).

At the Statue of Liberty with green patina.

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