Family Message from December 2010

By Dana ...


Dana and Thanksgiving bird Another decade has passed, wow! Ten more revolutions on planet Earth! I awake each morning so blessed to be alive during this exciting time! My family has enjoyed many wondrous moments, as I hope yours has also! My 'chemo' treatments ended on Ground Hog Day and I am now a cancer survivor! It was a long, cold winter, but I survived the shadow of death to experience God's beauty in life more fully. My days are filled with the activities of seven children and six grandchildren; from birthdays, schoolwork and performances to outdoor skiing, camping, hiking, biking and other adventures, time to rest is rare.

Elisabeth & Terrell Elisabeth and Terrell were reunited when he returned from his 3rd tour is Iraq last summer, our hero! He's taking a semester off-duty to study towards his college degree. Max is acing second grade while his two sisters, Jupiter (3) and Melanie (2) are in Elisabeth's home day care learning their alphabet, numbers and nursery rhymes. Elisabeth also books the Tahoe vacation homes through the Internet at

Rachel & Mike Rachel and Mike came back home when Mike returned from the Air Force. He applied to several police positions yet none were hiring. Their loss! Mike runs marathons, attends Monterey College of Law and works as a paralegal; while Rachel works in varied positions at Dale's medical office. Alyena turned 1 and just adores her Grandma Dana playing piano, dancing, picking berries and feeding the chickens.

Rebekah & John Rebekah (with John) just gave birth to the newest family member; "Dana Marie" my namesake was born the day after Thanksgiving while the whole family was awaiting her arrival in Oceanside. We lit the Hanukkah candles to celebrate with Blossom and Adam; and headed off to the hospital. She was born 3 hours later at 10:25 p.m., 6 lbs 9 oz. Isabella is thrilled with her new baby sister. John is finishing college and Rebekah will be continuing her bachelor's at San Diego State where she was recently accepted.

Juliana and Pauline Juliana just opened Creative Mind Art Studio in South Lake Tahoe. She will be selling art supplies, local artist's pieces on consignment, and offering art space for drop-in art projects or future classes. She has been organizing her studio; and hopes to include pottery wheels and a kiln for creating and firing painted works. She's in love with her new boyfriend, Andrew, snowboarder from West Virginia.

Blossom and Moshe Moshe amazed us all as he became a Bar Mitzvah or 'son of the commandments', chanting his prayers and Torah portion for Sukkot - a Jewish harvest celebration last September. Thank you all who attended this joyous simcha. He currently attends Army and Navy Academy in Carlsbad, California with high academic success. He plays trumpet and piano in the band and start point guard on the basketball team.

Aaron Aaron attended sixth grade at the middle school this year and is acing the homework. He wails on the saxophone which he learned just in time for the winter concert, and the piano, playing classical favorites. He joined Boy Scouts and has gone on several exciting outings: backpacking, river rafting, rock climbing and rappeling. He and Daniel started Tae Kwon Do with black belt cousins Sam, Sarah and Catherine. The loved seeing part of the World Series with Dad ... GO GIANTS!!!

Daniel, Gee-Bee racer My 'Danny Boy' is in fourth grade, my last to make a mission and rush for California gold. I love creating duets singing the songs he plays on piano, and playing the flute and trombone together. He joined Cub Scouts with even more adventures to take on. Both Daniel and Aaron kept up with Moshe for most of the winter break-skiing double black diamond runs and jumping off rocks at Heavenly. The last day we started out through Killebrew and skied down pristine powder all the way to Gardnerville, Nevada. What a way to start off the New Year 2011!

Love to you all!!!!!!!
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