Juliana Wedding Photographs


Juliana's wedding to Andrew Kirkland is an opportunity for the extended family to meet and celebrate a significant milestone in their lives.
The chosen date is Friday, November 11, 2011 - as "11-11-11", a memorable combination of numbers.

There are four important events -

Rain ruins plans for an outdoor wedding. Instead, the ceremony is held indoors at Spanish Bay.
Apart from this annoyance the wedding and dinner are impeccably planned and executed.

note 1: All photographs are from Blossom Helman.
note 2: Mouse-click on any photograph for a larger version.

Blossom and Adam

(left) Blossom and Adam in their hotel lobby.

Blossom and Pauline (right).

Blossom and Pauline

Rachel and Rebekah

(left) Rachel and Rebekah at the Sardine Factory.

Several younger family members at Spanish Bay. Maximillian Thomas is the big boy at center. From viewer's left - Alyena Sampson, Isabella Hollcraft, Juniper Rose Thomas and the youngest girl. (right).

Maxim and friends

Dana and Daniel

(left) Dana and Daniel

Dale at the Spanish Bay front entrance. (right).



(left) Blossom with the Pacific Ocean.

Moshe with the Pacific Ocean. (right).


Aaron and Adam

(left) Aaron and Adam

Daniel and Adam (right).

Daniel and Adam

Klezmer band

(left) A Klezmer band plays after the ceremony.

Dale's new 'Black ops' jeep and Adam (right).

Dale's jeep

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