Moshe Bar Mitzvah Photographs


Moshe's 2010 Bar Mitzvah is an opportunity for the extended family to meet and celebrate a significant milestone. Norman's brothers Jerry and Paul come from thousands of miles, as does his sister Eileen and Robbie Steingold.

Moshe attends a military academy in Carlsbad north of San Diego. Blossom comes from Los Angeles in Adam's pickup truck, with Moshe riding in the "kiddie seat" behind her.

Moshe's sisters and their husbands come, except for Elizabeth who lives in far-off Alabama. His brothers Aaron and Daniel will enjoy the limelight soon enough...

Three official events are realized -

Dana creates a Fall-theme in the synagogue's sanctuary with a bevy of incredibly varied squashes and gourds - so recognizing the festival of Sukkot which continues through the weekend.

Robbie is thrilled to have played a round of golf at Pebble Beach - a privilege made possible only by Dale's "connections".

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note 2: Photographs are indicated by lettering,
            i.e. "(B)" for Blossom and "(E)" for Eileen Aboulafia.

Blossom, Moshe, Adam

(left, B) Blossom, Moshe and Adam at the Apple Farm Hotel
the day before arriving in Monterey.

Adam at the Apple Farm in San Luis Obispo. (right, B).



(left, B) Dale at work.

Coco the "teacup" Chihuahua in Moshe's arms. (right, E).

Coco and Moshe


(left, B) Adam before Friday evening services.

Blossom before the same. (right, B).


Dale, Dana, Moshe

(left, B) Dale, Dane and Moshe await the synagogue service.

Blossom, Norman, Dale and Adam inside the synagogue. (right, B).

Norman family unit

Aaron and Adam

(left, B) Aaron and Adam in the synagogue's main hallway.

Jerry and Moshe at some undetermined location. (right, B).


Jerry and Norman

(left, E) Jerry and Norman prior to morning services.

Eileen, Jerry and Norman in the synagogue. (right, B).

three siblings

Fall theme

(left, E) A harvest of Fall vegetables adorn the sanctuary.

Dale presents the talit to Moshe
at Saturday morning services. (right, B).

Dale and Moshe

sheet cake cutting!

(left, B) Dana, Rachel, Juliana and Aaron at the
cake cutting during lunch after services.

Paul and Ruth Helman at the dinner party. (right, E).

Ruth and Paul

Robbie and Jerry

(left, E) Robbie Steingold (viewer's left) and Jerry Helman.

Daniel at Saturday's dinner party. (right, B).


Paul, Ruth, Dale

( left, B) Ruth and Paul Helman at the dinner
party with host Dale behind.

Rebekah and Juliana at the party. (right, B).

Rebekah and Juliana

Moshe with leaf

(left, B) Moshe at the dinner party
looking a bit silly.

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