Passover 2005 in Del Mar Photographs


Blossom and Norman enjoyed Passover 2005 at a resort hotel in Del Mar quite close to Adam's home. They all visited the Bazaar del Mundo in Old Town, eating at Blossom's favorite Mexican restaurant - Casa de Pico; and shopping for various ethnic items such as a Zapotec pillow.

Another favorite day trip was to the Torrey Pines State Park near the beach and just north of La Jolla.

A few days later Bazaar del Mundo was dismantled by city decree - relegating to history this landmark ethnic feature of San Diego.

Blossom and Norman

(Left) Blossom and Norman at the entrance to Bazaar del Mundo.

Norman and Adam at the Bazaar del Mundo (right).

Norman and Adam

Blossom and Norman

(Left) Blossom and Norman at Torry Pines Park.

Norman and Adam at Torry Pines Park (right).

Norman and Adam

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