Pebble Beach Trip "D" Photographs


A trip by Blossom and Norman to Dale and Dana's family in Pebble Beach.

Norman and Moshe

(Left) Norman takes a nap while Moshe looks puzzled or scared in his arms.

Norman and Moshe playing together with their hands (right).

Norman and Moshe

Norman reading

(Left) Norman reading a magazine in the living room at Pebble Beach.

Food set at the table for a feast (right).

food in living room

Dana in front porch

(Left) Dana in her front porch at Pebble Beach.

Moshe on the trampoline on the back porch at Pebble Beach (right).

Moshe bounce

Dale in bar

(Left) Dale at the Pebble Beach bar in running attire.

Dale and Moshe in the front hall of the home in Pebble Beach (right).

Dale and Moshe

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