Sequoia Vacation October 2001 Photographs


In fall 2001 Blossom, Norman and Adam went to Sequoia National Park and stayed at the fancy Wuksachi Lodge. The scenery and the accomodations (including the meals) were memorable.

giant sequoia

(Left) A giant sequoia tree - most likely the venerable General Sherman.

Blossom at the base of General Sherman (right).

Blossom at tree base

Norman and tree section

(Left) Norman near a sectioned giant sequoia demonstrating annual tree rings.

Blossom pointing out an amusing and unusual road sign (right).

Blossom and sign

Norman and lodge

(Left) Norman in front of one of the Wuksachi Lodge guest buildings.

Adam and Norman in front of the Wuksachi Lodge headquarters.
Fine meals were served inside (right).

Adam, Norman and headquarters

Norman and Adam

(Left) Norman and Adam at the trailhead prior to a short hike.

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