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* by Adam Helman

Google Earth has considerable potential for climbing and peakbagging, especially in the formative period when an overall driving and approach route is defined. To illustrate, several screen captures from Google Earth sessions are provided here in addition to links for Google Earth files dedicated to specific peak lists.

Holding-down the mouse key atop a county highpoint's square icon provides the highpoint identity, elevation, and its WGS84 latitude and longitude.

I recommend that you check "roads" in the left panel of display options. The road grid for approaching county highpoints will be superimposed atop the image.

Conversion to UTM coordinates and/or NAD27 datum is available with this online calculator.

Files must be saved to your hard drive prior to opening with Google Earth. Exactly how this is achieved depends on the browser used.

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Statewide Files

All fifty states have coordinates available for their county highpoints.

Google Earth kmz files were provided by Tom Dunigan through a set of PERL scripts which extracted coordinates from state trip report index pages. After conversion to text format, Adam Helman hand-edited these files to make the county and contour names more understandble and user-friendly in general, i.e. "DenverCityandCounty01" becomes "Denver City and County".

Mouse-click any colored state for its Google Earth county highpoint file.

Regional and Contiguous USA Files

Mouse-click either map or text to obtain the corresponding Google Earth file.

northeast Northeastern states (New England plus New York)
mid Atlantic mid Atlantic states (Pennsylvania through North Carolina; D.C.)
upper midwest Upper Midwest states
east Eastern states (Mississippi River to the Atlantic Ocean)
Four Corners Four Corners states (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah)
northern Rockies northern Rockies (Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming)
southwest far southwest (Arizona, California, and Nevada)
Pacific Northwest Pacific Northwest (Idaho, Oregon, and Washington)
west Western states (Rocky Mountains to the Pacific ocean)
CONUS Contiguous states

State Highpoint File

Mouse-click here to obtain a Google Earth file showing all fifty state highpoints. All possible contenders are displayed for the relevant states - Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska and Wisconsin.

Links to More Google Earth Files

Sample Images for Climbing and Peakbagging

These screen captures are available my mouse-clicking the small embedded images; and demonstrate the utility of Google Earth for trip planning and climbing.

Grand Teton Grand Teton looking east. The lower Saddle is at lower right; the Owens-Spalding Route climbing from there to the upper left.

General view of Mount Olympus with the Blue Glacier at lower left, the Snow Dome at center, and the summit area at upper right. Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus The Mount Olympus summit seen from the north. The steep, final rock pitch is made quite evident in this image.

The relative locations for all 28 Essex County, Virginia contours. Essex Co, VA

Essex Co, VA Close-up of four Essex County, Virginia contours looking southeast. At high magnification contour locations relative to artificial structures provides quite useful and significant information.

Klyuchevskaya Volcano, an Earth Fifty Finest prominence located in the Kamchatka Peninsula of eastern Siberia. Klyuchevskaya

Karakoram Heart of the Karakoram Range as seen from space. Note the Baltoro Glacier at center, flowing south from K2. Additional 8,000 meter peaks are seen in this view; with "pins" marking ultra prominence summits.

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