Big Bend National Park High Point Trip Report

Emory Peak (7,825 ft)

Date: February 19, 2000
Author: Andy Martin

I drove to Big Bend National Park ($10) for a try at Emory Peak. This one is a county HP, National Park HP, Mexican border county, he-man county, 4,000' prominence peak, TX 20 finest peak, and best prominence peak in Texas - a 7 bagger! I parked at the cottages 1/4 mile SW of the Chisos Mountain Lodge, right at the trailhead (5,400').

A good quality pack trail heads up to a pass at just under 7,000', and I shared the trail with a few fellow hikers. The trail quality drops a bit after the pass, and the last bit - a climb up the summit block - actually requires the use of hands. Most hikers handled this OK, but one poor kid on top was a bit rattled in anticipation of the downclimb.

Found a witness marker, but no actual BM. Struck up a nice conversation with a San Antonio resident who had done lots of hiking in the area. He seemed interested in the TX list and I gave him one of many extras. Views were hazy, and the Texan blamed a large coal fired power plant in Chihuahua city Mexico. The country was surprisingly well vegetated in comparison with the mountains near El Paso I'd been on one day earlier - perhaps they get more Gulf moisture.

Enjoyed a leisurely lunch and headed down the trail. It was getting late in the day, and few were headed uphill, but I met one young fellow giving it a try - with no pack, just toting a full one gallon plastic water jug. His arm will be sorer than his legs tomorrow.