Big Bend National Park High Point Trip Report

Date: February 16, 2003
Author: David Olson

We set off at 8:30 am. Along the way we saw a jay bird in the trees. More likely a Mexican Jay. A Scrub Jay's throat is outlined in blue-black and I think we would have noted that, rather than generic "white breast". We three got up top of Emory Peak about noon.

The top of Emory Peak, 7825 feet, is two rocks. The higher rock starts with four moves that are class 3+. Each hold is either sloped or 3/4 foot-size small, and not overly abundant. Above 4 moves the difficulty eases up to the top.

On top I noted a swallow flying past the summit from time to time. Don't know which type of swallow. From the top I looked for the Sierra del Carmen to the east and saw it, beyond the lowest part of the valley near Boquillas (perhaps the river itself!). To the west I saw a larger peak at 250 azimuth magnetic - it could not be Chinati Peak; probably 7966 feet in Mexico. Someone pointed out Santa Elena Canyon in that direction and we could see the lower part of the valley and Rio Grande River there too. Supposedly there is an 8,000+ foot peak south across the river, but I don't recall noting anything in that direction. Several other parties joined us up there.

On our way out I looked for Sue Peaks. To the right I could see other mountains. I recognized them by their horizon-outline as part of the Sierra del Carmen in Mexico. We got a better view of them from the road. Perhaps the light was at a better angle, or clouds/haze had cleared a bit.