Bryce Canyon National Park Highpoint Trip Report

Rainbow Point (9,115 feet)

Date: May 31, 2012
Author: Fred Lobdell

From the intersection of UT 12 and UT 63, take 63 south into the park and all the way to its end, a distance of perhaps 20 miles from the inetrsection. At the park entrance you will be expected either to pay an entrance fee or to show your senior pass.

I thought that the high ground was very near the kiosk at the end of the parking area, among one or another set bushes. Walk around until satisfied. The snow reported by Roy Schweiker has melted.

highpoint elevation

A spot elevation of 9,115 feet has been reported as the summit elevation. However, the topo appears to show a 9,120 foot contour, and the spot elevation lies between this contour and the 9,080 foot contour. So I have listed the elevation shown above as that of this HP.