Canyonlands National Park High Point Trip Report

on mesa rim (7,160+ ft)

Date: November 8, 1998
Author: Jerry Brekhus

On Nov. 8, 1998, my wife, Betty, and I walked out to the end of the "peninsula" overlooking Big Pocket in Canyonlands National Park. Unlike Bob Packard, I merely went to rim at the end of the finger of land, looked down at Wedding Ring Arch, and called it good. In the interest of continuing our marriage, I did not step on every boulder I could find along the rim. Far be it from me to challenge Bob's claim to the Canyonlands NP HP. I make no official claim to the high point, but do claim the experience of some outstanding scenery.

There are expansive views of the southern end of the park and I heartily recommend the hike for its scenic rewards.