Channel Island National Park Trip Report

Devil's Peak on Nature Conservancy land - the Island HP (2,450+ ft)
El Montañon - the National Park HP (ca 1,812 ft)

Date: July 5, 2004
Author: John Mitchler

Don Holmes, Gary Suttle, Kathy Dalsaso, and John Mitchler hiked the highpoint of Channel Island National Park on July 5, 2004. We ascended El Montañon via the Smugglers-Scorpion Road and descended via the trail leading north from the "historic oil well."

The crux of the expedition was the nocturnal invasion by waves of feral pigs through the campground.
[Webmaster's note: As of 2011 (my visit) this issue has long since been eliminated.]

We managed to switch our ferry reservations while on the island and leave earlier which allowed us to meet with park personnel at the visitor center, near the ferry dock, in Ventura.

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topo chart of El Montañon