Crater Lake National Park High Point Trip Report

Mount Scott (8,926 ft)

Date: July 2, 2002
Author: Andy Martin

Passing up an excellent opportunity to descend Oregon's deepest (?) hole, the Martin family opted to ascend Mount Scott. The trail up this one is quite popular, and we had lots of company. The youngest Martin opted to wear flip-flops, which probably did not raise her ascent rate. Dad attempted to entice the youngster uphill by tossing a special stick up the trail and then racing the laggardly offspring to it.

However junior eventually outsmarted pops by winging the stick over a cliff. Finally the boarded up summit lookout tower came into view and Jane put on an unexpected burst of speed and escaped Dad's attentions.

A small patch of snow was seen by the trail near the top, but this is less than normal as southern OR was experiencing a drought. I would guess that in wet years snow could hinder access to this peak in June.

Near the summit tower a witness mark plus two BM were found, and I left a register.