Everglades National Park Highpoint Trip Report

Grossman Hammock (10+ feet)

Date: December 17, 2012
Author: Fred Lobdell

As far as I know, Grossman Hammock is the only area in Everglades NP shown with a 10 foot contour. The access gate is open from December 1 through April 30. At other times one would have to park out by the north-south road and walk. This area is also known as Chekika (pronounced "cha-KEE-kuh").

To get there, I quote Mike Schwartz's directions from his unpublished trip report:

"Take Krome Ave./FL 997either ten miles south from US 41/Tamiami Trail or 11.5 miles north from US 1 in the Homestead area to SW 168th St./Richmond Dr. Chekika is now well-signed in both directions on Krome Ave. Drive west 5.8 miles, entering the park at 4.3 miles. Turn right (north) on SW 237 Ave. and go 0.6 miles to the access road on the left."

When you enter this area you'll want to take the left fork (the right fork had a sign prohibiting vehicle traffic) to the parking area, which is large enough to accommodate several dozen vehicles. A boardwalk will be on your right as you enter the parking area. From the section of the boardwalk that parallels the parking aea there are two parts of the boardwalk that go toward the interior. You want the left one as it branches toward a "hardwood hammock", the area of interest.

This was a surprisingly pleasant little walk of a quarter mile or so. The boardwalk takes you through a swampy area and then gives way to a broad trail through a wooded area. This trail then ends at a large open area containing a number of picnic tables and public bathrooms. In front of you will be the capped well in an obviously manmade raised area that is the highest ground in the area. Almost as high is the ground under a pair of closely grown large trees, a couple of hundred feet from the well near the right edge of the open area. The ground under these trees, rising I would guess 5 feet or so above the 10 foot contour, is what I think is the NP HP.