Grand Canyon National Park Highpoint Trip Report

Date: June 3, 2007
Authors: Charlie and Diane Winger

A short walk on a gravel road to a lookout tower at elevation (9,165 feet) and three points (9,160+ feet).

Follow AZ 67 for approximately 33 miles from Jacob Lake, Arizona to the Grand Canyon North Rim entrance station. On the "exit" side of the entrance station is a small parking area. Park here. Adjacent to the parking area are "Service Road" and "Private Residence" signs.

Follow the service road to the left of the private residence where you will soon encounter a locked "Road Closed" gate. The service road is part of the Arizona Trail System. Continue up the service road past the point where the Arizona Trail takes off to the left. This spot is just slightly below the lookout tower and road end.

Once at the lookout tower you’ll have to do some innovative navigation to find the four high points on the ridge. We accomplished this task by walking in concentric circles around the lookout tower and alongside the road ending.

A recent fire near the lookout tower has resulted in a lot of down timber and charred stumps which will exacerbate your task.

We did not locate a register, only a dead animal cadaver and ten million flies in the shed adjacent to the lookout tower.

Hiking distance 3.0 miles round trip, elevation gain 338 feet, maximum highpointing time for this one is about 2.0 hours.