Pinnacles National Park Highpoint Trip Report

North Chalone Peak (3,304 feet)

Directions from the Bear Gulch Parking Area

Date: July 23, 2013
Author: Charlie Winger

Participants include Gerry and Jennifer Roach.

Start up the High Peaks trail where you will shortly come to a fork. Take the LEFT fork toward Bear Gulch Reservoir. The right fork will take you in the opposite direction up toward Scout Peak.

Once past the Reservoir continue on the trail as it switchbacks up to a signed stile which is located 0.8 miles from North Chalone Peak. Climb over the stile and follow the trail as it merges with a road coming in from your right.

You will encounter a gate which also has a stile and sign indicating that you should climb over it instead of the gate. You are minutes away from the summit which has an old fire lookout tower. Take note of the trail heading down and off to your right which is signed for South Chalone Peak. Approximately 45 minutes each direction.

The actual highpoint is likely a large rock located next to the tower. There is also a sign indicating the elevation 3,304' and a USGS BM. We did not find a register.

The Park has the hike statistics as 9 miles, 2,040 foot gain, 3-5 hours round trip.