Saguaro National Park Highpoint Trip Report

Mica Mountain

Date: unprovided
Author: Andy Martin

Red mark here is where need for high clearance/4wd starts. Start printing off 7.5 quads from here.

Here is where you should be able to park 4wd, unless road has gotten a lot worse since I was out there a couple years ago.

Here is where Italian trap trail leaves the jeep road. I got my Yamaha street bike here around 1990, but think jeep road will be closed before here. This trail should get enough traffic that you should not lose it, especially with quads. It is rocky and steep in spots.

I don't remember a lot of landmarks, however National Park boundary will be marked. Don't think you need a permit to day hike on to the Park, but you need to have a permit to camp overnight. Picking one up on the day of the hike will prevent an early start.

Think there are foundation remnants of lookout tower at summit, which is in trees by mark here. Spud rock to the west gives a better view.

Helens Dome even further west is climbed by the local hiking club. Tricky route. Believe you start on south side, go through crack to steep north side, and then to top.