Voyageurs National Park Highpoint Trip Report

Date: August 27, 2014
Author: Charlie Winger

Head north on US 53 for 26 miles from Orr, Minnesota. Turn right at the signed Ash River Trail, county road 129. Drive 8 miles on CR 129 to the signed left turn for the Ash River Visitors Center. Follow this road to the signed parking for Kab-Ash hiking trail, approximately 2 miles.


Park on the left side of the road in the designated paved parking area. Cross the road to the east to find the continuation of the Kab-Ash trail. The trail immediately turns to the right, where one finds (about 150 feet from the road) the first of two metal trail signs. Stay on the main trail for roughly an additional 10 minutes until you encounter the second trail sign.

The Sullivan Bay trail makes a sharp turn to the left here. Your trail, the Kab-Ash loop trail starts about 10 feet uphill to your right. The Kab-Ash loop trail splits here. Take the left fork. You should soon encounter some faded surveyor's tape followed by some very large carins. The trail is well marked.

After 20 minutes note the "tower" to your right. Leave the trail here and bushwhack to the tower highpoint.

Since this is a loop trail you could return to the trail and continue around the loop back to the junction by the second metal trail sign. You could also start out on the right loop and arrive at the highpoint.

Elevation gain about 200 feet, distance about 1.5 miles, hiking time about 1 hour.