Yellowstone National Park High Point Trip Report

Eagle Peak (11,367 ft)

Dates: September 2-4, 2000
Author: Dave Covill

I met Bob Packard Friday night, just E of the East Jellystone entrance, by Pahaska.

Saturday Bob & I hiked in about 11 miles on Eagle Creek to near Eagle Pass, at the edge of the Park. We saw many hundreds of bear tracks enroute, as it had just rained Thursday and Friday.

We got up Sunday and hiked up 3,800 ft in about 4 miles to Eagle Peak, HP of the Park. VERY tough, rotten rock, volcanic stuff. Class 4 for sure on our route. We were the fourth group of the year, and about hundredth in 20 years. The NPS had typed up the register since 1981, laminated it, and put it back in for 1981-1998. Cool.

Vertical cliff bands almost prevented our summitting, but we got by them. We should have had a rope but left it in our trucks. Great weather. We tried to hike out, had to stop at 10PM at stream crossing.

Monday we hiked out.