Ownership Category Map


This map was compiled from a variety of sources, some recent, some outdated, some careful with facts, others sloppy. Owing to changing access policy, this map may not necessarily correctly display current or past land ownership information.

Attempting to reach some of the points suggested by this map can be dangerous, and could lead to accidents resulting in injury or death. Some of the summits lie in rugged and isolated regions, where even minor mishaps can escalate into a life threatening crisis.

Other locations lie on private property, military bases, and other areas where access is restricted. Trespassing in these areas can result in being arrested, shot at, or worse. Right of access to these areas is constantly changing, and access in the past does not guarantee present access.

By use of this map, the reader hereby releases the webmaster from liability for any injury, including but not limited to monetary loss, death, and other damages that might in any way be connected with this web site.

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