United States Virgin Islands Highpoint Trip Report

Date: February 19, 2014
Author: John Mitchler

On 2-19-14, just 2 hours after landing on Saint Thomas, a highpointer reached Crown Mountain, the U.S. Virgin Islands highpoint. During his visit there he confirmed two earlier reports. First, that cab drivers insist that "Mountain Top" is the highest point on the island. After taking him there, the cab driver then drove him to Crown Mountain where he confirmed the second report of armed guards who stop you 100 yards before the fenced compound on top.

Five minutes of explaining granted them access, so our highpointer, cab driver, and one guard drove into the compound (the gate was open at that time). A twelve-foot, moss-covered boulder was found to be the highest point. The guard knew Crown is higher than Mountain Top. This fenced area is used for immigration - not naval purposes.

GPS readings: Mountain Top 1490 feet; Crown Mountain 1,560 feet.