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After receiving an Activation Code by E-mail please follow these instructions.

Use only a first name and a last name when creating your account. Otherwise strange and unwelcome results will occur when editing your county highpoint ascents.

Nicknames will not be tolerated, i.e. do not create an account as "Hang Dog Ted" or "Old Clymr". If you wish to hide your identity, or otherwise attempt to be "cute" then do look elsewhere.

With a new account you may log-in to

A set-new-password page is available for misplaced passwords. uses the same back-end database as at The same account will work on both sites. If you already have a account, do not create a new account at simply log-in as an existing user.

Any county highpoint ascent, deletion, or changed date entered at one website will automatically appear on the other; and vice-versa.

The user interface is focused exclusively on county highpoints, providing a simple way to update your completed counties within that site's framework. provides a richer yet more complicated and time-consuming way to enter ascents for thousands of peaks worldwide (i.e. beyond the roughly 3,140 that happen to be county highpoints). It also allows for logging of failed ascents and of repeat ascents - functionality not currently available at the ascent-logging portal.

For ascent-logging to function at your browser must have Javascript enabled. To check if indeed enabled, go to the home page and see if hovering a mouse over the USA map provides trip report numbers in the textfield underneath it. If not enabled, navigate your browser's menu to check the relevant "enable Javascript" box.

Automatically generated front-runner lists at (FRL) only list climbers interested in county highpoints - a small fraction of the climbers using . This "cut" is made so that the FRL only lists county highpointers in accordance with a longstanding philosophy of that group.

To make this distinction one either signs-on as a new user here at; or, for existing users, by checking the box "I am interested in USA County Highpointing." on your edit account page.

Only some of the FRL categories are automated at present. The balance will eventually become available. From the master FRL home page, links are provided to both dynamically-generated web pages (in the former case); and to the familiar, manually-updated web pages (in the latter case).

Completion Map Considerations

There are links to your completion map from the ascent editing pages - pages which only you can access by logging-in with a password. These hyperlinks will only function if you provide or already have an account first name and a last name that match the file name for the web page containing your map.

Learn that name of your maps's embedding web page by clicking here, and, after clicking the hyperlink for your completion map, read the file name from the browser's address bar.

For example, if you have the user name of "Bill Smith" with a map contained in web page "Dick_Smith.html" the hyperlink to your completion map will not function.

If you have no account at, create your account's user name (first name and last name) such that it matches the web page's name containing your completion map (without the "_" underscore, of course).

If you have an existing account at, and the user name (first name and last name) does not match your completion map's embedding page's filename, E-mail the webmaster so he can change the web page's filename to match your existing account name.

If you have no completion map consider painting and submitting one for posting.

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