Blossom Photographs


Photographs of Blossom as found on the various vacation-based photograph pages.
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In early 2013 Blossom provided a series of notes which collectively describe
many family members, both living and deceased, as well as her own life.
The text is accompanied by dozens of photographs and other media.

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(Left) Blossom with several pieces of jewelery and a big smile.

Blossom next to the real Mickey Mouse (right).

Blossom with Mickey Mouse


(Left) Blossom and a miniature garden at the Joshua Tree Visitor Center.

Blossom at the base of General Sherman (right).

Blossom at tree base

Blossom and Norman

(Left) Blossom and Norman at the Hawaiian theme party.

Blossom, Aaron and Moshe on the backporch swings in Pebble Beach (right).

Blossom, Aaron and Moshe

Blossom shopping

(Left) Blossom shopping in San Luis Obispo while enroute to Pebble Beach.

Blossom and Moshe near the ocean at Pebble Beach (right).

Blossom and Moshe

Blossom and Moshe

(Left) Blossom and Moshe on a pathway near the ocean at Pebble Beach.

Blossom in a lavender outfit at Aaron's 2012 Bar Mitzvah (right).


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