County Highpoint Entertainment Maps

Welcome to the County Highpointers entertainment map page. The following list both describes and provides hyperlinks to maps of an entertaining nature of interest to the county highpointing community. Certain links may lead to lists rather than a map, and, in such cases, a corresponding map exists anyways.

Maps that portray the minimum number of counties to link various large-scale geographic features are color-coded with a cycling through the "rainbow" after every fifth county. The rainbow consists of (         ) in that order. Numerical values in parentheses are the minimum numbers of counties required to realize the given geographic links.

The metric for generating the geographic maps was a simple count of counties. Since practical considerations such as driving routes and elevation gain were not minimized with these links, these maps are of purely entertainment value. If and when analogous geographic link maps are generated that account for such considerations, they would be of utility to practicing highpointers, and hence would perhaps more appropriately be made available from the information maps page.

Entertainment Map Links

Minimum County Count Geographic Links -

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