Appendix F: GPS-Derived Coordinates and Elevations

hese latitudes and longitudes are provided using the WGS-84 datum. Conversion to other datums and/or other coordinate systems (UTM, etc...) is facile with any handheld GPS unit.

Mountain Location Description Latitude Longitude Elevation (feet)
********* ****************** ******* ********* *************
Gunung Kinabalu summit (Low's Peak) 604'30.3"N 11633'31.2"E 13,472
Gunung Rinjani trailhead at park headquarters 821'35.2"S 11631'27.5"E 3,753
821'35.2"S 11631'27.6"E 3,773
821'35.1"S 11631'27.6"E 3,777
rest stop 821'35.6"S 11629'02.8"E 4,234
last rest stop 822'34.0"S 11627'28.8"E 5,942
on steep hillside leading to crater rim 823'04.6"S 11626'42.3"E 8,006
high camp 823'37.2"S 11626'26.2"E 8,849
enroute to summit 823'55.8"S 11626'25.9"E 9,757
enroute to summit 824'23.4"S 11627'21.2"E 11,268
summit (no reading)
alternative trailhead 820'24.3"S 11630'03.4"E 3,299
Gunung Agung trailhead 822'29.9"S 11527'13.4"E 3,133
822'29.9"S 11527'13.4"E 3,139
west subpeak 820'25.3"S 11529'54.8"E 9,975
summit 820'29.4"S 11530'12.0"E 10,003
820'29.2"S 11530'11.9"E 10,003
820'29.2"S 11530'11.9"E 9,997
820'29.4"S 11530'12.0"E 9,996
820'29.4"S 11530'12.0"E 9,997
Bali/Java channel13 25 feet above sea on upper ferry deck 75
Gunung Raung Sumberwringin village 759'34.8"S 11400'01.3"E 2,664
high camp 805'00.6"S 11402'42.7"E 6,694
north crater rim (highest point reached) 806'33.0"S 11403'32.2"E 10,442
Gunung Semeru trailhead as Ranu Pani 800'37.3"S 11256'40.1"E 6,967
lake 803'04.7"S 11255'03.5"E 7,896
high camp 805'14.6"S 11255'03.3"E 8,810
Arcopodo camp 805'39.2"S 11255'10.1"E 9,609
treeline and base of sandy scree slope 805'55.0"S 11255'12.5"E 10,202
summit 806'28.1"S 11255'19.1"E 12,137
806'28.1"S 11255'19.0"E 12,135
Gunung Lawu roadbed nearest park entrance 739'48.9"S 11111'14.1"E 6,307
post 1 738'59.5"S 11111'19.1"E 7,302
post 2 738'33.3"S 11111'16.3"E 8,118
post 3 738'06.9"S 11111'04.0"E 9,457
post 4 737'54.4"S 11111'11.7"E 10,329
summit 737'38.5"S 11111'39.7"E 10,759
737'38.5"S 11111'39.7"E 10,760
737'38.5"S 11111'39.7"E 10,760
Gunung Slamet trailhead with ornate gate 713'33.9"S 10915'51.4"E 4,970
713'33.9"S 10915'51.4"E 4,972
post 1 713'36.6"S 10914'50.5"E 6,474
post 2 713'45.5"S 10914'28.4"E 7,425
post 3 (no reading)
post 4 714'01.5"S 10914'00.5"E 8,888
post 5 (high camp) 714'07.7"S 10913'51.2"E 9,233
714'07.8"S 10913'51.2"E 9,234
post 6 714'13.1"S 10913'35.0"E 9,996
end of vegetation 714'16.9"S 10913'25.6"E 10,524
summit 714'20.5"S 10913'12.7"E 11,327
714'20.5"S 10913'12.7"E 11,325
714'20.5"S 10913'12.7"E 11,323
714'20.6"S 10913'12.7"E 11,332
714'20.6"S 10913'12.7"E 11,329
Gunung Kerinci Kersik Tua - road to trailhead 146'33.2"S 10116'59.3"E 4,982
trailhead 145'06.6"S 10115'35.8"E 5,270
145'06.5"S 10115'35.7"E 5,308
standard high camp 142'39.4"S 10116'03.5"E 9,919
142'39.4"S 10116'03.3"E 9,902
current high camp 142'20.6"S 10116'02.0"E 10,875
142'20.6"S 10116'02.0"E 10,870
summit 141'49.8"S 10115'52.1"E 12,499
141'49.8"S 10115'52.2"E 12,500
141'49.8"S 10115'52.1"E 12,500
141'49.8"S 10115'52.2"E 12,501
141'49.8"S 10115'52.2"E 12,502
Gunung Marapi turnoff on main highway 023'30.3"S 10024'07.3"E 3,780
base of road to trailhead 023'28.3"S 10024'09.5"E 3,817
trailhead at guide's hut 023'36.1"S 10024'43.8"E 4,336
south subpeak 023'36.7"S 10027'25.7"E 9,087
summit (not reached)

13Readings taken to calibrate the Gunung Agung summit elevations. Subtraction of the sea level overestimate, some 50 feet, from the summit GPS-derived elevations yields roughly 9,950 feet - a figure in close agreement with the published 9,944 foot summit elevation.

GPS reading
Adam's GPS unit - Gunung Kinabalu summit

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